Juvia’s Place- The Saharan Palette Review

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this palette is…

I received this palette for my birthday last week off my amazing brothers and I’m already in love! Both the packaging and the eye shadows are gorgeous and such great quality! I’m a sucker for red/orange toned eye shadows so obviously the shades Sokoto, Bororo and Jamila immediately stood out to me. However, recently I’ve been wanting to try some different blue/green looks so I was really drawn to Kia; which I think would make a beautiful blue, shimmery highlight shade in the centre of the eye!

Juvia’s Place isn’t a brand I was familiar with before spotting this palette on Beauty Bay but after checking out their Instagram they have some stunning shades! Lots of their palettes are bright and bold and beautiful-perfect for statement eyes for a night out! They do have a nude toned palette as well though- The Nubian. They’re also a cruelty free brand which is a big thumbs up from me!

The Saharan Palette is inspired by the Fulani Culture and so embodies all of its vibrancy and colour, which I think is such a lovely concept. I always think it’s so much more interesting when a palette has been created with a theme or a story instead of just being colours!

Colours left to right: Iman, Zoya, Kia, Bororo, Wodaabe, Sokoto

The shimmer/glitter shades are insanely pigmented! Before using this palette I would always use a damp brush to apply a shimmer shade to get maximum pay off however with The Saharan I don’t feel like it’s necessary, the shadows are very creamy and apply beautifully. However I do think they are best applied with a flat synthetic brush instead of one with natural fibres to get a strong metallic finish.

One let down for me would be that Sokoto, the bright orangey shade, has a slightly different pay off to how it appears in the pan. It applies as a much brighter pink shade, which is still a nice colour, just not was I was expecting when I first tried it.

Colours from left to right: Fula, Lulu, Katsina, Chad, Senegal, Jamila

Woodaabe and Sengal are definitely my favourite shimmery shades and will be my go-to for night time looks, probably blended out with a red/burgundy smoky eye.

For £30 I think the palette is very good value for money, the eye shadow pans are a good, large size-larger than MAC or Make Up Geek ones. I’ll definitely be getting a lot of use out of it!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know which is your favourite shade?

Emily X

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