Mary Quant at The V&A

Mary Quant is a designer who was so influential in the way that fashion evolved in the UK in the late 1960’s. Her name is renowned as are her designs, yet she is also a designer I knew very little about apart from her infamous miniskirt designs, daisy motif and trademark 5 point bob. In one of my previous posts I mentioned that there was a video interview with Mary Quant at the Bauhaus exhibition, which I visited in Nottingham. In the video she stated that clothes should make you feel sexy and be seen, not keep you warm! A comment which made me laugh and get really excited to learn more about the designer at her V&A exhibition, which I visited last week.

I would recommend the exhibition to anyone and wanted to share some photos I took along with some comments about pieces I particularly loved.

Sustainability before its time: Clever use of both sides of a fabric to create contrasting patterns in a dress, I love the bold monochrome look.
‘Bank of England’ dress: I admire the political statement behind this piece and the irony that the women who bought and wore it were not allowed to open their own bank account without signed permission from a man. Feminist design at its finest!
The Ginger Collection: I love the colour blocking and sports influence in this collection, via the cricket jumper-esque V necks and stripes.
The Wet Look: One of my favourite pieces from the exhibition is this black PVC coat, it still looks so modern. I’d love to style it with chunky boots and a high, white turtle neck.
Effortlessly cool styling
Sporty mini dresses: The fusion of sportswear and fashion in Quant’s designs was something that I didn’t expect but loved the most. The mini dresses with the O-ring zips are so contemporary and wouldn’t look out of place in 2019.
Monochrome bags: Another example of functionality meets fashion, the belt buckles on the bag handle is such a cool detail.
Wet-look jumpsuit: The first of my two favourite looks; I love the contrast stitching on the jumpsuit, the O-ring buckle and wide leg. An outfit I would love to wear.
Sporty tracksuit: The second of my favourite looks is this tracksuits. Again, the O-ring zip is a detail I love on pieces I find in my own wardrobe as well as the colour blocking and contrast stitching.
Strawberry Pyjamas: I love the styling of this shoot with the dramatic make up and playful feel which runs throughout all of Quant’s designs.
Dual purpose boots: The zip-off feature on these boots, while it may not be the most practical in cold or rainy weather, is something which I think is so ingenious and is becoming more prominent in designs today as making garments multi-purpose from a sustainability point of view is more widespread.

I hope you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment if you have also visited and love the Mary Quant exhibition.

Emily X

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